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1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders
Service No: 225

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Personal details

Family Information

Son of James (1861-1951) and Mary Ann Hastings Cochrane (1863- ). Williams older brother Sergeant John Cochrane was Killed in Action on the 25/03/1918 at the Somme. His brother-in-law Private George Cummings of the 12th Battalion Highland Light Infantry Died of Wounds on the 20/05/1916 aged 27. From the 1901 Census - Address - 9 Comet St, Bellshill - James Cochrane aged 40, Andrew Cochrane aged 13 and William Cochrane aged 11. Brothers - John Cochrane (1883-1918), George Cochrane (1885– ), Andrew Cochrane (1888- ). From the 1891 Census - Address - 27 Watsons Land, Coatbridge - Jas Cochrane aged 30, Mary Ann Cochrane aged 26, John Cochrane aged 8, George Cochrane aged 6, Andrew Cochrane aged 3, William Cochrane aged 1.

Born / Resided

Coatbridge / 37 Whifflet St, Coatbridge.


Killed in Action on the 05/11/1917 at the Battle of Tikrit


Hamilton 1914


Clifton Iron Works / Reservist.



Buried / Remembered

Basra Memorial (Panel 37 and 64), Iraq.

Cemetery / Memorial Information

The Basra Memorial commemorates more than 40,500 members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the operations in Mesopotamia from the Autumn of 1914 to the end of August 1921 and whose graves are not known.

Additional Information

In August 1914 the Battalion were in Agra, India and were part of the Dehra Dun Brigade, Meerut Division. On the 21/09/1914 William and the Battalion moved to France arriving at Marseilles on the 12/10/1914. They moved to Mesopotamia in December 1915 landing at Basra late in the month. Formation was by now renamed 21st Brigade, 7th Indian Division. On the 04/02/1916 owing to heavy casualties, they formed the Highland Battalion with 2nd Battalion Black Watch. On the 12/07/1916 they resumed their former title. The Battle of Tikrit (05/11/1918) : Major-General Stanley Maude's forces in Mesopotamia continued to consolidate their position around Baghdad. General Allenby’s offensive in Palestine meant that the Turks were unlikely to threaten Baghdad in the near future, but also gave the British the opportunity to strike at any Turkish forces that were retreating to consolidate their own positions. On November the 5th, they did just that near Tikrit. However, the Turks, despite being in the process of withdrawing, were able to put up a spirited defence, repulsing multiple attacks and inflicting heavy casualties with artillery and enfilading machine-gun fire. While the British eventually pushed through and secured the town, they took heavy casualties (1800, more than the Turks suffered), captured few prisoners, and found that the Turks had already evacuated or destroyed all useful war material in the town. William was a Reservist and spent 2 years in India. See Directory for William's brother Sergeant John Cochrane and his brother-in-law Private George Cummings' pages. He is also remembered on the St John's Church Roll of Honour (see photos). See photos for William's Medal Index Card, his Newspaper clipping, his Army Register of Soldiers Effects x 2, his Service Medal and Award Rolls, his CWGC Grave Registration, his name on the Basra Memorial Panel List, the CWGC Basra Roll of Honour x 3, William's name on the CWGC Basra Roll of Honour and the Seaforth Highlanders Cap Badge.

William Cochrane Medal Index CardWilliam Cochrane newspaper clippingWilliam Cochrane remembered at homeWilliam Cochrane remembered at homeWilliam Cochrane remembered at homeWilliam Cochrane remembered at homeWilliam Cochrane additional photoWilliam Cochrane additional photoWilliam Cochrane additional photoWilliam Cochrane additional photoWilliam Cochrane additional photoWilliam Cochrane additional photoWilliam Cochrane additional photo

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