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Likenesses of 750 men (A4)

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Coatbridge 1st July Heroes

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Over the Top at Loos

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Memorial Graphic (Alan McCann)

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Maps are A4 landscape in PDF format. There is a likeness of the soldier, name, rank, regiment, service number, address and a location marker for the street. Select a soldier and click the SHOW MAP button. Please keep checking back as we will be adding soldiers to the maps regularly.

Men without a likeness (alphabetical list)

We're adding men with no likeness to the maps as we feel all the men should be remembered. If you have a likeness of any of the men listed below, please click on the man's name to go to his memorial page and leave a comment. Either that or you can use the contact form to get in touch and we will contact you.

| Allan, Alexander | Arnott, John | Bannan, Joseph | Barbour, Robert | Barnbrook, John | Blair, David | Bogan, William | Boyle, Thomas Henry | Brady, James | Brannen, James | Brown, James Whiteford | Burns, Thomas | Cairns, Patrick | Calder, Alexander | Carty, James | Cassidy, Peter | Cassidy, James | Cawley, Richard | Clark (Clarke), John | Colgan, Patrick | Cree, Thomas | Cullinan, Charles | Dalziel, Alexander | Dickson, Alexander | Dillon, David Collie | Douglas, Edward | Dow, Henry | Doyle, Thomas | Fairfull, William | Ferns, James | Fletcher, James | Frew, Charles | Gallacher, Patrick | Gallocher, Andrew Rowan | Gavin, John Laurie | Gebbie, John | Gracie, Theodore Byrne | Hall, David | Haxton, Andrew | Henderson, Hugh | Herman, Patrick | Hickey M.C., Denis | Hogg, James | Hogg, Alexander King | Hutchison, John | Kane, James | Kay, William | Keith, Robert | Kelly, George | Kerr, Edward | King, Francis | Larkin, Joseph | Laughran (Loughran), John | Lennon, William J | Loughran , Thomas | Mackay, Robert | Mathieson, Archibald | McAteer, Henry | McAulay, James | McAvoy, John | McBrier, James (Jimmy) McCarroll | McCabe, William | McFarlane, Robert | McGraw, Michael | McGuinness, Owen | McHugh, James Joseph | McKeown, James | McKeown, William John | McSherry, James | Meechan, Michael | Morison / Morrison, Thomas | Morris, John | Mullin, William | Murphy, John | Murtagh, William | O'Neil (O'Neill), Hugh | O'Neill, John | O'Neill, Luke | O'Neill, Charles | Park, Hamilton | Paterson, Gavin Kirkland | Penman, David Cairns | Purdie, George | Reddy, John | Reid, John | Robertson, Francis (Frank) | Robertson, William Archibald | Robertson, Alexander | Rodger, Robert | Sharkey / McGarry, Patrick | Sharkey / Sharkie, Joseph | Smith, Alexander | Smith, David | Stevenson, Allan | Stewart, Daniel | Stewart, David | Stewart, Thomas Scott | Taylor, Alexander Robert | Tedford, Charles Alfred | Thomson, James Edward | Turkington, John | Watson, Kenneth | Wilson, James | Wotherspoon, Robert Halbert |

There are 104 men without a likeness.